Earn money promoting Tampa Devs Talent

Earn 5% recurring commissions for every referral to Tampa Devs Talent. Join the affiliate program today and start earning money while promoting the only nonprofit hiring platform that supports developer communities in Tampa Bay.

How much can I make?

Tampa Devs Talent charges businesses $99 for a monthly subscription and a 5% hiring fee for full-time employees. If you refer a business that subscribes for 3 months and hires a developer at $150,000 you will make about $390.

How it works

  1. Step 1 Sign up for a Tampa Devs Talent account. You don't need to create a developer or business profile and it's free to join.
  2. Step 2 You'll receive a unique referral URL via email. Use this in your website footer, podcast, newsletter, and social media posts. Or share it directly with your hiring manager!
  3. Step 3 Get paid 5% recurring commissions. You’ll get paid for every month your referral is a paying customer of Tampa Devs Talent.

Commissions include the monthly subscription fee and hiring fees. If your referral hires a developer for $150,000 you will receive $375 - 5% of the 5% hiring fee.

Program rules

  1. You can't refer yourself.
  2. You can refer your hiring manager, CTO, HR department, etc.
  3. No ads and no pretending to be an employee.

Questions? Send us an email.


How do I get paid?

Commission fees pay out on the first business day of each month. Affiliates are paid via PayPal and have no minimums to hit before you receive your money.

How do I track my referrals?

Email us for information about your referrals.

What if I forgot to ask someone to use my URL?

Email us who you referred and when and the conversion will be manually attributed to you so you get paid.

Do I get money for referring developers?

Not currently. You'll only get affiliate fees for referring businesses that sign up for paid subscriptions.

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