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CodeBoxx Academy has been upskilling developers since 2018.

Based in Saint Petersburg, CodeBoxx Academy is the official workforce development partner of Tampa Devs Talent.

About CodeBoxx

CodeBoxx Academy is a workforce development solution committed to closing the opportunity gap and addressing the talent shortage in the tech industry. They believe that everyone has the potential to be a great developer, and they're dedicated to molding potential into proficiency and shaping novices into nimble developers.

Become a Full-stack Developer

Technology is everywhere, and you have what it takes to succeed in tech. CodeBoxx's programs will empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to transform your life and career. Plus, CodeBoxx goes far beyond the technical skills by integrating what’s often only available to senior-level employees: individualized professional development and leadership training.

Coding Programs for All Walks of Life

Wherever you come from, you have what it takes to be successful in a software development career. And CodeBoxx Academy will help you get there.

CodeBoxx Foundation

The CodeBoxx Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that connects unemployed and low-wage workers with comprehensive technology training programs, making fulfilling careers in the technology industry more accessible. Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed in the digital economy, and CodeBoxx Foundation strives to eliminate barriers to entry by providing the necessary resources and support to program participants. A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion drives their efforts to create a more equitable and just society, where economic mobility and upward mobility are within reach for all.