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Versatile developer proficient in multiple languages, adept at problem-solving and code optimization

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I am a dedicated and motivated Senior Full Stack Software Engineer with having
specialized skillset in Frontend development.
I have great experience in building industrial web applications from the ground -up to
production in different industries including healthcare, internet marketing, entertainment,
live streaming and blockchain/web3.
My favorite development toolkit includes Javascript, Typescript, React, Next.js, TailwindCSS
and Node.js, NestJS/AWS Lambda (for the backend) and Clojure, ClojureScript and
I ensure the highest quality of the product by following the best convention and practices
and by implementing modern-looking user interfaces and the best user experiences.
I have great experience in implementing the following features on frontend:
- Creating pixel-perfect and responsive layouts from Figma/XD designs
- Creating scalable architecture and reusable components on frontend
- Integrating backend APIs through Axios/GraphQL libraries
- Implementing sophisticated state management mechanisms by using Redux and React
Context APIs
- Adding authentication /authorization layer and mechanism by using
JWT/OAuth/Auth0/AWS Cognito
- Building intuitive admin dashboards for managing/monitoring the application statuses and
states with different types of charts, tables and rich components
- Configuring CI/CD of frontend on Netlify, Vercel, Digital Ocean and AWS Amplify
The major languages/frameworks that I am best at:
- ES5/ES6, TypeScript, SCSS, CSS3, TailwindCSS, HeadlessUI
- React/Redux/React Hooks/Material-UI/Next.js/Gatsby/React Bootstrap/Storybook
- Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic
- Vue2/Vue3/Vuex/Vue-Router/Vuetify/Nuxt.js
- Jest/React Testing Library/Cypress/Mocha - REST/GraphQL/Axios
- OAuth2/JWT/Auth0/AWS Cognito
- Figma/Adobe XD
I have pretty good experience in backend development also including the following
- Serverless/Python/Node.js/Golang
- Express.js/Nest.js/FastAPI/Django/Laravel
- AWS/AWS Amplify/AWS SAM/AWS Lambda/AWS AppSync
- MySQL/PostgreSQL/AWS RDS & Data API/AWS DynamoDB
- Indexing data using ElasticSearch/AWS OpenSearch and hosting ElasticSearch onpremise hosting servers
- Stripe/Plaid/SendGrid Integrations
I have specialized experience in using/integrating AWS services and building backend APIs
using AWS Lambda and serverless architecture.
I am very much familiar with agile development tools and environments including:
- Managing source code through GIT, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and following GIT flow in
the development
- Task tracking and progress reporting through JIRA, Trello and GitHub Issues
- Following the SCRUM/Sprint principles and attending daily meetings for team
collaboration and discussion I have been working in remote teams for the last 6 years and I
am a good team player.
I am good at balancing quality and productivity. I hope we can discuss this further on the
call if you are interested in my skillset and experience.
Thank you very much for reviewing ME!

• MERN Stack, MEAN Stack, LAMP Stack, Node.js, Express.js, React, Next.js, Laravel, SaaS
• TypeScript, JavaScript, Golang, Python, PHP
• MUI, Tailwind CSS, CSS, HTML
• GraphQL, Context API, RESTful API
• MongoD, PostgreSQL, SQL
• Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic
• Supabase, Firebase
• AWS EC2, AWS Amplify, AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure
• Microservice Architecture