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Successful Full Stack Developer/Scrum Master offering 4 years of experience bringing advanced abilities in building web applications, using React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and SQL Server. Highly Skilled in directing development with creative and performance-oriented approach. Well-organized and customer focused with proven skills in project management and team leadership.

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I am Full stack developer/Scrum master, my recent experience was in Dubai with PwC company (one of the big 4 companies), during my work with PwC I worked with a professional developers and managers, and I learnt a lot from them, I worked on a digital transformation projects for the gulf governments, I worked there as a developer, tech lead and scrum master, my responsibility was:
-Consulted across product areas to help internal developers resolve problems and improve functionality.
-Deployed solutions to successfully implement and optimize new software products.
-Wrote code and programmed applications using best practices in software development.
-Evaluated existing software to determine areas in need of improvement.
-Gathered business requirements to design new software solutions for current and expected demands.
-Wrote standards and codified practices for improved software development processes.
-Corrected errors in software to fix performance issues and improve usability.

NEOM: I focused on creating backend APIs with Node.js and Typescript and utilized Passport.js for authentication. I employed TypeORM for database management, with Postgres.

STA - Saudi Tourism Authority: Correspondence management System using React.js and D365, applied various integration such as Adobe Sign – MS Teams, and SharePoint on-premise, External Libraries Redux.js, React RND, and atomic design system to build the user interfaces.

TAMM - digital transformation of Abu Dhabi Government services: I was responsible about the front-end implementation of the POD and Golden Visa Journeys with React.js and back-end integration with NodeJs, as well as developing the front end pages for the Journey dashboard, Smart questionnaire, and result tools. Also, I worked on API integrations, onboarding, and unit testing. – FinTech App & Admin Dashboard: In-Charge of building admin dashboard to help Admin manage users, promotions, payments and App content. Using React.js.

A recent milestone for me was when I found a solution for health care company here in Tampa, and I implemented a dashboard for them from scratch, I was a product owner, scrum master and tech lead for this project, I managed team from 3 developers and 1 QA, I delivered the project professionally, i finished the project in 3 weeks, after i finished the project I searched in the market to know the prices and the estimate here, the least company asked for *5 the amount that I took for this project and double the time.

I learned a lot in this project, how to give a good estimate, how to manage the team friendly and professionally, how to give a weekly report to the stockholders, how organize my self and the team with notes and JIRA, how to write a clear user stories for the developers and the QA, how to deliver the project with customer satisfaction, how do I convince the stockholders to take the second phase for the project and the maintenance.

My passionate to manage and lead teams for professional software development company or Ambitious salesman.

I can help by dividing the work, taking responsibility, distributing tasks, and constant follow-up.

My unique skills is my diligence and determination to complete the work in a complete and impressive manner.