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Full-stack developer specializing in React, React Native, and Node.js, aiming to transition into a proficient Go engineer.

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After being inspired by my older brother, a professional in cybersecurity, I took a significant leap of faith: moving from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to attend a coding bootcamp. This decision marked the beginning of my journey in tech, leading me directly into a role that unveiled my passion for problem-solving and provided a creative outlet I had been seeking. The world of development has since become a playground for my curiosity and a stage for continuous growth. With five years of industry experience under my belt, I've embraced every opportunity to expand my skill set. I'm currently channeling my eagerness to learn into a few passion projects that I hope to share with the world soon. My interests aren't confined to what I already know; I'm on the brink of diving into web3, with an Ethereum development bootcamp lined up to further explore this innovative space. I pride myself on having a diverse set of technical skills, complemented by strong soft skills. Collaboration is where I thrive—engaging with teammates who challenge and elevate each other's work brings me immense satisfaction. My career has been defined by constant learning, from mastering React, React Native, and Node.js, to venturing into Golang, with plans to delve into Svelte and Rust in the near future. As I eagerly anticipate my next role, I'm excited by the endless possibilities to further my knowledge and make a meaningful impact in the tech industry.