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Frontend developer with a background in product design.

Over the past 8+ years, my professional journey has revolved around collaborating with a diverse range of clients, spanning from innovative startups and creative agencies to prominent large-scale enterprises. My primary objective has consistently been to facilitate the seamless delivery of products into the hands of end-users.

My approach combines design and development, where I employ the latest design tools to breathe life into conceptual ideas and subsequently transition these concepts into tangible, functional products. Over the last three years, I have honed my proficiency in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as gained practical exposure to numerous low-code tools prevalent in today's market.

Currently, my technology stack prominently features NextJS and Tailwind as my go-to tools for crafting web experiences. However, my passion for innovation drives me to continually explore emerging technologies and solutions that enhance the process of creating websites and applications.

Thanks to my expertise in both design and development, I can offer an agile workflow, enabling swift turnarounds and fostering enhanced communication amongst development teams and stakeholders alike.