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From my early days at the University of South Florida, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Science with a concentration in Data Science & Analytics. My approach to data has always been guided by a fascination with the stories data can tell. This curiosity drove me to dive deep into the mechanics of data manipulation and visualization, setting me apart as an analyst with a knack for uncovering underlying patterns and narratives.

One of my proudest achievements came while interning at Fosphorus, where I spearheaded the automation of marketing reports. I developed a system that not only streamlined the collection and presentation of key performance metrics but also did so in a way that was intuitive and actionable for non-technical stakeholders. This project wasn't just about cleaning and sorting data; it was about crafting a tool that transformed abstract numbers into a clear roadmap for decision-makers.

Recently, I’ve been captivated by the potential of cloud technologies, prompting me to look more into environments like AWS and GCP. This exploration has expanded my skill set beyond traditional data analysis, allowing me to build scalable infrastructures that support complex data operations and strategic analysis from the ground up.

My unique contribution lies in my holistic approach to data. I see myself as more than just an analyst—I am a storyteller, a strategist, and a problem-solver. I excel in environments that are ripe for innovation and improvement, where I can apply my analytical skills to foster understanding and drive informed business strategies.

I bring a fresh perspective to data challenges, leveraging my broad technical skill set and a creative approach to provide solutions that are not only effective but also understandable and actionable for all parts of an organization.