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Language-Agnostic Full-Stack Developer & Serial Entrepreneur.

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I'm looking to get involved in another startup.

Recently moved to Tampa Bay and looking to find a co-founder or local startup to get involved in.


Full Stack dev focusing on AI SaaS & UX/UI using React/Rails/Node. Former CTO, eCom, Telemed, Fintech, Hardware Dev, Game Dev & iOS/Android experience.

  • Created & Sold 14 apps on webOS at 19. Launched first startup at 21.
  • Raised near $1M in Venture, scaled to over 2M MAU. Helped lead product as CTO for over 3 years.
  • Served as Director of Engineering for the fastest growing startup in KY - 2017.
  • Focused on building international telemedicine tech the last couple years and now transitioning further into AI.


SupportGPT .co ~ No-Code solution for instant / scalable customer support.

smsGPT .co ~ SMS + GPT-4 = We gave ChatGPT it's own phone number.

Screenshots .Dev ~ API to effortlessly take screenshots.