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Creative problem-solver with a passion for technology and innovation.

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Over 20 years of experience with 12+ designing and deploying Java/Spring web services (full SDLC). Skilled in Azure, big data technologies, RESTful API design, software architecture, and Agile methodologies. Recognized for leadership in team mentoring and delivering innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Passionate about leveraging technology for driving organizational success.

Programming Languages: Java, C++, SQL, Bash
Frameworks: Spring Boot, Spring Data
Automation: Azure DevOps, Puppet, Jenkins
Platforms: Kafka, RabbitMQ, Solr
Databases: HBase, Oracle, MySQL, Redis
Containers: Docker, Kubernetes

Major Projects:
CMP - Java, Spring Boot, Kafka, HBase, Solr, Kubernetes, Rest API - Led initiatives to modernize infrastructure and development practices, including upgrades to Java versions and deployment automation.
Media Gateway Edge - Java, Spring Boot, Hbase, Rest API, Full SDLC - Spearheaded integration with a new media delivery platform, maintaining backward compatibility with existing systems.
Media Gateway - Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Rest API, Full SDLC - Provided pivotal leadership in meeting accelerated deadlines for partner integration, ensuring clear requirements and timely delivery amid evolving external demands. Regularly adapted and optimized integrations to align with changing partner requirements, showcasing agility and adaptability.

Other Projects:
Customer First - Java, Spring Boot, Kafka, Oracle, Rest API - Designed and mentored the development of Spring Boot solution consuming Kafka and updating Oracle.
AMG/Queue Readers - Java, Spring Boot, Kafka, HBase, Rest API - Developed and maintained efficient queue reader applications, ensuring reliable message processing.
Intergamma/Intermarche - Java, Spring Boot, HBase, Rest API, Full SDLC - Managed end-to-end offer setup and delivery processes, ensuring secure and efficient customer interactions.
Media Gateway Proxy - Java, Spring Boot, Rest API, Full SDLC - Proposed and designed solutions for seamless transition from on-premises to cloud systems, ensuring uninterrupted service for partners.
Media Gateway Integration - Java, Spring Boot, Apache Camel, Full SDLC - Architected solutions bridging on-premises and cloud environments, facilitating smooth data migration and integration.
Digital Gateway - Java, Spring, MySQL, Rest API - Enhanced SQL queries for improved speed and reliability, rectifying critical issues leading to frequent offer delivery interruptions.
BuyerVision Dashboard - Java, Spring Boot, HBase, Rest API - Led complete backend integration with Hbase data sources, ensuring seamless data flow for enhanced dashboard functionality.
Product Carried - Redis, Full SDLC - Engineered solutions to process CSV files with over millions of lines of data.

B.S., Computer Science, USF