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Data, Documentation, and UX Unicorn: Python, SQL, Geek / English Translation

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Robert Frost would be proud of my origin story, but I digress....

I'm a data octopus. Code monkeys are fun. They generate code while swinging from org to org, wherever number crunching is needed. I like code monkeys, but I am an octopus. We octopi are a rare breed of data scientists and data analysts with strong foundations in data methodology, research design, statistics, and translating nerd-speak into English. AI can help me code, but it cannot frame a research question, choose which methodologies to use, or select the best data source. AI cannot read between the lines during qualitative analysis; it can only read the text itself.

As an octopus, I bridge gaps in knowledge and communication, saving coworkers and clients time and energy. By coupling quantitative data analysis with careful, qualitative interpretation, or “reading between the lines,” I find key insights that drive creative, efficient solutions. My eye remains fixed on the big picture as I make the pieces fall into place. You can see why I need 8 appendages.