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Linux-focused Software Engineer & Cloud Developer (front/back/devops/infra, AWS/GCP)

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Origin story: I started writing amateurish video game clones on Atari 800 back in 1982, in middle school, mostly because of non-existent social life. I first got online in 1986 (age 16), started working as a software developer within a couple years of graduating high school, instead of going to college full-time.

Since then, I have had a long and varied career over 30 years, developing applications in most of the major programming languages, several large databases, building and administering networks and servers, all the while focusing on Linux and Unix. In 2017, I started working as a DevOps Engineer, initially with AWS/terraform, and for companies holding the AWS Advanced Consulting Partners accreditation. More recently, I have expanded my expertise into Google Cloud Platform, GoLang & Kubernetes. I have 1 GCP certification and 3 for AWS. Many of my cloud engagements have focused on CI/CD and other developer tooling. In addition to writing backend apps in a variety of server-side & serverless technologies, I am an effective web developer as well (coding to the browser directly or using React).

In summary, I am an older, more experienced, well-rounded developer who brings well over thirty years of development/implementation/troubleshooting/automation skills and wisdom to any team. I love teaching younger developers, and re-skilling older programmers. I can help any product team improve their development and deployment operations.

My latest new technical thrill is AI coding assistants like Github Copilot Chat, GCP Duet AI, and GCP VertexAI. Like any AI service, you shouldn't use its output without verifying/vetting its response for correctness, but most of the time, working with these tools is a fabulous time saver, and on occasion, it will make better suggestions than what I was thinking of.