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The feeling of making things work is so satisfying. This is what I found out during my first coding class during a... mechanical engineering undergraduate degree. This is what inspired me to take up a master's program in robotics.
Eventually I landed a job at Miso Robotics, a startup developing cooking robots for the high-throughput fast food kitchens. That's where I learned how to implement cutting-edge machine learning solutions in a fast-paced startup environment.
Currently I'm working with Ordant, a company providing printing job cost estimates. I work with a team of engineers to bring this niche, but lucrative field into the cloud and harness the power of AI to get even more accurate predictions and higher customer satisfaction.
I specialize in machine learning technologies. I had the pleasure of developing my own neural networks from scratch in tensorflow, building datasets and data pipelines for ultra-high accuracy in an environment where mistakes can't be tolerated. While the technology matured and I moved to deployment of neural networks in the cloud, my earlier experience still helps me navigate the intricacies of the ML issues.
Skills: ML, Python, AWS