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Full Stack PHP developer who makes a mean waffle.

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My many years of work experience in web design and development, the diversity of web coding languages used, plus my passion for keeping up with the latest web technology trends make me a strong candidate to help any company.

I understand the challenges, workflow and rapidly evolving technologies in the web design and development industry. In my positions as a web developer for several companies, I have designed and developed high-traffic CMS-powered websites for some of the biggest names in several industries. CMS systems used include WordPress, Drupal, and proprietary .NET creations. Some of these websites receive up to 3 million visits per month, win both gold and silver Addy awards, and many of them required quick turnaround times to meet upcoming event deadlines. Two sites were complete rebuilds of the previous versions, requiring careful project management and a dedicated team working collaboratively for extended periods to meet the client’s timeline.