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Experiened and Professional Senior Developer (C#, ASP.NET, SQL)

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Started programming in 7th grade and never looked back. Was fortunate to start my professional career right when .Net was starting up. Our journey and fate have been intertwined ever since the early 2000's. Have had the pleasure of working at a lot of companies and industries, so I easily adapt to new job situations. C#, ASP.NET, and SQL have been my bread and butter. Adding some extra flavor here lately with React and Typescript.

I consider myself a full stack developer. Many times in my career I've taken on side projects where I wear many hats, including business analyst, graphic designer, sales, support, and developer. I've even created a SaaS application with multiple clients, based on a side project idea that was in high demand.

Industry experience includes fintech, logistics and freight, golf, ecommerce, scheduling, manufacturing, IVR, government, and marketing agency front-end sites,