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Web Development student with a love of logic and learning.

Throughout my current enrollment at St. Petersburg College in pursuit of an A.S. in Web Development, I've developed a variety of terminal based CRUD applications with JavaScript, Python, and PHP - as well as full stack projects with HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js, and databases via MongoDB and MySQL.

Prior to studying web / software development, I accumulated 15+ years of professional and personal experience providing hardware and software solutions as a technical support consultant - spanning from interpreting SNR data to remotely diagnose and repair cable/telephony products, to using precision hand tools to access cellular circuit boards for repair, while teaching clients how to use the embedded software.

I also enjoyed an adventurous career in the world of professional photography - spanning from coverage of professional and collegiate sports, to aerial construction surveys shot from the cabin of a Cessna 172 - where I provided support/maintenance of all hardware/software/camera systems for colleagues.

These creativity centric roles have since led me to where I was meant to be all along - at my desk, where the computer is my canvas, and my code is the ink.