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Full-stack developer, AI engineer, mobile developer, Salesforce architect

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Howdy 🤠

As an experienced software architect and engineering leader, I bring a passion for developing complex applications for both web and mobile platforms. With a strong focus on user experience and performance, I thrive on solving technical challenges and designing solutions that exceed expectations.

Recent work:

  • Umbrella AI - Umbrella Vet
  • Tailjoy
  • Boat Meetup
  • GF Utils


  • Web: JS/TS, Node, Vue, React, Nuxt, Next, Python
  • Salesforce: LWC, Apex, Aura, Visualforce, SQL/SOQL
  • Platforms: Firebase, Supabase, Google Cloud, AWS, OpenAI
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Ionic, Capacitor, AppFlow
  • AI: OpenAI, Bard, Huggingface, Llama, function calling, Embeddings and vector stores, fine tuning, text-to-speech (TTS), Speech to text (STT), assistants, GPTs.

About me:

  • Father
  • Pro efoiler