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I am seeking entry-level work in Data Analytics or Business Analytics. I have Bachelors in Business Analytics Information Systems and currently working on my AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification.

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My journey started in December 2011 when I earned my Bachelors in Marketing. For the next several years I worked in Route Sales. Selling everything from beer to Redbull. That is where my passion for Data Analytics began. I love to analyze situations and create useful insights stakeholders can use to grow their business. Which led to me returning to USF in 2019. In 2019 I earned my second Bachelors in Business Analytics Information Systems. During this time I learned about relational databases, SQL, ETL, and data visualization. My ideal job would be to merge my marketing skill set with my data analytics skill set. Preferably, building dashboards. In closing, I have acquired a unique skills set over the years. Furthermore, I have a gift for recognizing outliers and "Thinking outside the box". I would love nothing more, then to share these talents with a company willing to offer an entry-level position in Data Analytics, or Business Analytics.