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Front-end developer, with experience in video game shipping

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A few years ago, I started developing my own video game out of sheer passion, and before I knew it, my game had turned into a commercial project, published on the Steam platform (if you google: Joyfess Steam, it should turn up first result).

That's how what started as a side hobby turned into a beloved trade, and I decided to take a more structured approach towards learning how to code.

Very recently (just a month ago as I'm typing this on August 24, 2023), I have finished my web development boot camp, focusing on React and NodeJS frameworks. The skills learnt are being actively used through a combination of contributing to open source, and working on my own portfolio.

Excited about the idea of putting my newly acquired web development skills into a professional setting, but also about meeting new people and learning from their experiences and insights.

What about you? What's your story? How did you end up in development, and what aspect about it speaks to you the most?