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Technical product manager with a focus on engineering partnerships, reducing technical debt and maintaining realistic expectations for stakeholders.

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Hi! A little about me:

I am an Air Force/NSA veteran and business-side technologist with a broad background in product management, analytics, machine learning and intelligence. I have directly contributed in the development of over a dozen technical products ranging from backend data systems that keep people and businesses safe to globally recognized e-commerce platforms. I have indirectly impacted even more through leadership and guidance of the next generation of product managers and technical team members. A condensed overview of some of my accomplishments:

  • Building 4 brand new 0-1 products across multiple industries in high growth organizations and enhancing nearly a dozen more through feature enrichment.
  • Providing leadership and guidance for over 300 team members throughout my time in product management and as an NCO in the Air Force.
  • Force multiplier as a managing leader of 11 product managers in addition to training nearly 60 professionals in agile software best practices over the last decade.

If you need a product leader that can solve hard problems, lead teams, reduce ambiguity and eliminate uncertainty in the creation of high quality products then I would love to speak with you!