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As a full stack developer, I am resourceful and creative, driven by curiosity, and a proactive self-starter in solving complex problems.

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With 20 years of experience in the martial arts industry, both teaching and managing my own academy, in early 2022 I embarked on a new professional journey in software development. This field captivates me with its endless opportunities for creative problem-solving and the satisfaction of providing tangible solutions. My natural curiosity not only drives me to understand the intricate workings of systems but also fuels my ability to uncover innovative solutions. My dedication to helping others, whether through impactful deliverables or supportive coding, truly energizes me.

As a newcomer to this industry, my resourcefulness, and steadfast work ethic shine through. I approach each challenge with a readiness to learn and a teachable spirit, always striving to contribute effectively to any team effort.

I recently had the opportunity of interning in a full stack developer role for an company in Lake Mary, Florida. During my tenure I helped established a centralized AWS serverless stack within a mono repository, leveraging Vite and TypeScript to create reusable landing page templates. I also spearheaded the the planning and development of a sophisicated lead processing automation tool using Electron.js, integrated with Node.js and Puppeteer, to streamline Salesloft contact management. Another contribution that I am proud of, is a unit testing framework I spearheaded for the sales rep application using Vitest, including test suites and assertions for various components across the application.

Through these initiatives, I have honed my skills in full-stack development, automation, and application optimization.